Jewelry Care

Buddha Groove jewelry is crafted from a variety of beautiful materials. As you wear your jewelry, natural chemical reactions occur as it is exposed to skin, air, water, and other substances.

Because of this, even the most precious of metals can display surface variations over time. Sterling silver, for example, naturally tarnishes when left out. However, some of our pieces are purposely made with an antique finish. We believe that the natural aging process only adds to their appeal.  

Whether you prefer a shinier surface or revel in a more rustic look, wearing your jewelry with care and properly cleaning it will ensure that it says in the best condition possible.


Basic Dos and Don'ts

While some designs can withstand getting wet, we recommend keeping all pieces away from moisture in general. Avoid wearing items in the pool or shower. Take pieces off during exercise as sweat may cause discoloration.

Take care not to wear jewelry during cleaning or any other activity where it might come in contact with harsh chemicals.

If you use moisturizer, suntan lotion, or perfume, wait to put on your jewelry after you have spritzed or applied anything that contains fragrance. 

When you wear your jewelry, you may notice green or black stains on your skin. This is normal, harmless, and occurs when the metals in the jewelry react with the natural acids in your skin. It happens most often with materials like copper, silver, other metal alloys.  Lotions as well as natural body sweat can exacerbate this. That is why it helps to be extra cautious when it comes to exercise and using fragrances. 


Cleaning Your Jewelry

 To clean jewelry, use a jewelry polishing cloth. For extra tough tarnishes on sterling silver pieces, you can immerse jewelry in mix of water and mild dish soap and then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.

If pieces have inlays or gemstones, do not immerse them in water. Instead use a cotton swab dipped in water and dish soap and clean only the silver areas.

While some websites recommend baking soda or toothpaste for cleaning, know that these substances can cause mild surface abrasions.


Storing Your Jewelry

When your jewelry is not being worn, store it in a safe place. Keeping your jewelry in an airtight plastic bag or container will help to reduce its exposure to air and decrease the chance of oxidation.

Because humidity can adversely affect metal and speed up tarnishing, do not store pieces in the bathroom.

When traveling, always pack jewelry safely so as to avoid scratches and dings.


We wish for you to enjoy your jewelry as long as possible! Treating your pieces with care and polishing them regularly with Zen-like concentration is a wonderful way to develop a reverence and respect for your pieces. With proper use and maintenance, your jewelry can stay in top quality condition for years to come.