Knotted Small Rudraksha Seeds Meditation Mala, 108 Beads

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Rudraksha Mala
  • Meditation mala, 108 beads
  • Made from small Rudraksha seeds (5 mm)
  • Smaller Rudraksha seeds considered favorable
  • Beads are individually knotted
  • Measures about 26 inches long
  • Tassel color may vary
  • Handmade in India

This meditation mala (rosary) consists of 108 individually knotted Rudraksha seed beads and is indispensable to personal meditation techniques. The number 108 bears spiritual significance across several religions, and each bead is used to count the repetition of a mantra or chant. This mala has a thread tassel attached to the Guru bead. According to legends, Rudraksha seeds were created from the tears of Lord Shiva, thus endowing them with medicinal and spiritual powers. Rudraksha seeds are generally found in larger sizes, so these smaller seeds (6mm) represent precious rarity and are considered extremely favorable for personal practice and ritual.

Handmade organic item: natural variances in bead size, bead color, and thread color may be apparent. Tassel color will vary between yellow and orange.