Labradorite Gemstone Bookends Set

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Gemstone Bookends

These bookends are a practical yet beautiful way to take advantage of labradorite’s properties. Placing labradorite in your home is said to help protect from negative energy, thus allowing more positive energy to enter your space. Having labradorite near you can also enhance clarity and increase intuition. Showcasing the raw magnificence of labradorite rock, each bookend will vary in exact size, appearance, and detail. Together, bookends measure approximately about 7 inches wide, 6.75 inches high, and 5 inches deep. Each separate piece is about 3.5 inches wide. Set weighs about 10.5 pounds total. 

  • Set of 2 gemstone bookends
  • Made of labradorite stone
  • Bookends vary in shape, color, size and weight
  • Each piece and set is unique

This item will feature natural variations in shape, color, size, and appearance. No two pieces are alike.