Light Colored Wooden Meditation Labyrinth, Medieval Design

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Light Colored Wooden Meditation Labyrinth

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The labyrinth is viewed as a metaphor for life’s journey. Traveling its path can offer us lessons and assist us in addressing life’s challenges. Meditate, pray, and find peace and serenity. Do not try to solve the labyrinth, just simply follow its path with the pointer and pay attention to your thoughts as you proceed through its twists and turns.

This wooden labyrinth is just the right size to keep on a desk or tabletop. Its design is derived from a medieval labyrinth built into the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres in Chartres, France.

  • Small Wooden Labyrinth 
  • Measures 4 by 4 inches 
  • Comes with 4 inch pewter pointer 
  • Handmade in USA

This product was hand made by a USA artist. Please allow for slight variations and imperfections as they speak to the item’s hand crafted origins