Lotus Jewelry Necklace, Sterling Silver

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Lotus Necklace

The lotus flower is called “padma” in both Sanskrit and Tibetan. The flower begins life in mud, rising through water before blossoming in the sunlight – a path that mirrors the journey of the human spirit. It is said that the closed petals of the lotus flower represent our hearts, which open fully as we grow in compassion and wisdom.

  • Minimalist lotus flower pendant necklace
  • Represents spiritual growth and wisdom
  • Made of sterling silver with brushed metal finish
  • Pendant measures 1.25”, chain measures 18”
  • Made in Thailand, sterling silver ball chain and spring ring clasp

Minimalist, brushed metal design made of sterling silver with sterling chain and clasp. Individually created, no two necklaces are exactly alike – minor variation in metal finish adds to unique character.