Lotus Platter Incense and Tea Light Holder with Heart Sutra Excerpt

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Lotus Incense Holder
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Both decorative and functional, this beautiful platter with an open lotus flower is designed to hold a tea light or incense. The lotus is called padma in both Sanskrit and Tibetan. Rooted in muddy slime, the lotus rises through water to emerge into the sun, a progress that mirrors the journey of man's soul. It is said that our hearts are like the closed petals of a lotus. Imbibing Buddhist virtues will enable the lotus to blossom into its full beauty. This is why the Buddha is often depicted seated on a lotus.

  • Lotus tea light and incense holder plate
  • Depicts open lotus flower
  • Engraved with heart sutra excerpt
  • Made of cold cast bronze (bronze coating on resin core)
  • Dimensions: about 8" x 9.5" x 1.75"
  • Weight: about 1.3 lb
  • For use with single incense stick or cone