• 108 Beads Lapis Meditation Mala, Knotted by Buddha Groove
  • Handmade Meditation Bowl with Om Symbol
  • Knotted Labradorite Mala, 108 Bead Count
  • Rudraksha and Lava Beads Meditation Mala
  • Temple Zafu Meditation Cushion in Brocade
  • Brocade Zafu Cushion in Regal Jewel Tones
  • Buddha Charm Rudraksha Knotted Mala
  • Lotus Seed Mala with Infinite Knot Tassel, 108 Beads
  • Mid-Century Mod Chenille Zafu Cushion
  • Sterling Silver Meditation Mala, 108 Bead Count, Stretch
  • Wooden Meditation Mala with Inlay Counters, 108 Beads
  • 108 Beads Meditation Mala with Counters, Bone Inlay
  • 108 Knotted Beads Blue Goldstone Meditation Mala
  • 108 Mother of Pearl Beads Premium Knotted Meditation Mala with Sterling Guru Bead
  • Auspicious Symbols Singing Bowl with Mantra Design
  • Authentic Dorje Bell Set, Antique Finish
  • Knotted Lapis Lazuli Knotted Mala, 108 Beads
  • On Sale!
    Meditation Bell Gong with Antique Finish
  • Two Toned Zafu Meditation Cushion
  • Knotted Black Onyx Meditation Mala, 108 Beads
  • Knotted Brown Agate Meditation Mala with 108 Beads
  • Twill Weave Zafu Meditation Cushions
  • 108 Bead Knotted Rudraksha Mala, Indonesia
  • 108 Bead Minimalist Wood Meditation Mala
  • 108 Beads Rudraksha Meditation Mala, Nepal
  • Auspicious Symbol Meditation Cymbals, Tingsha Bells
  • Be Here Now Zafu Meditation Cushion, Purple and Black
  • Be Still and Know Zafu Cushion, Brown on Khaki
  • Bone Japa Meditation Mala with Inlays, 108 Beads
  • Brocade Singing Bowl Cushion, Handmade
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Meditation tools are practical items that help us discover and nurture inner peace. While our spiritual journeys take place within ourselves, each of these items can serve as guides to help us along the path: meditation malas encourage mantras and deep breaths; singing bowls add peaceful harmony to our surroundings; prayer wheels are spun for compassion; and incense helps us see the need to burn away the outer layers of ourselves, revealing the essence within.