My First Buddha Doll, Ivory or Gold, 14 Inches Tall

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Buddha Doll
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My First Buddha is a special doll created in harmony with Save the Children, a leading children's welfare charity worldwide.

  • Plush Buddha doll
  • Made of allergy-free polyester
  • Measures 14 inches high
  • Tibetan bell sound inside
  • Created in harmony with Save the Children
  • Choose from two color options

This serene plush doll shows Buddha in peaceful meditation, arms open to promote calm and peacefulness in anyone who holds him. Incredibly soft and made of allergy-free polyester material, this doll is created in harmony with the Save the Children charity – meaning that each sale helps support medical care and educational opportunities for children raised in areas affected by poverty and conflict. With this gift you can share Buddha’s peaceful image with someone you love while also supporting a worthwhile cause.