• Sterling Silver Glittering Lotus Necklace
  • Tree of Life
  • Cairn Necklace
  • She Believed She Could Necklace
  • Kwan Yin Necklace
  • Namaste Jewelry
  • Tree of life necklace
  • Karma Necklace
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    Lotus Necklace
  • On Sale!
    Lotus Teardrop Necklace
  • Lotus Necklace
  • Breathe Necklace
  • On Sale!
    2 in 1 Lotus Gemstone Drop Necklace, Multiple Designs
  • Be The change Necklace
  •  Bead Necklace with Tibetan Om Pendant, Nepal
  • Chakra Necklace
  • Sterling Chakra Necklace
  • choose joy necklace
  • Compassion Caring Kindness
  • Coral Teardrop Tibetan Bead Necklace
  • Faceted Amethyst Gemstone Pendant Necklace, Thailand
  • Enso Necklace
  • Full Moon Healing Gemstone Necklace with Brass, USA
  • On Sale!
    Gemstone and Brass Bead Nepal Necklace
  • Gemstone Cairn and Lotus Petal Necklace
  • Buddha Necklace beaded
  • Handmade Wood Grain Mindfulness Necklaces, USA
  • Happy Buddha Necklace
  • Quartz Crystal Jewelry, USA
  •  Infinite Knot Beaded Pendant Necklace
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These handmade necklaces evoke ageless elements of compassion, peace and love. Drawing from meditation and Zen traditions, these handmade creations feature some of the most beautiful symbols in the world- the lotus flower, the yin yang, the Tree of Life, the Tibetan Om, and others. Many inspirational necklaces are also available featuring heartfelt quotes and empowering words of wisdom.