• Shining Sterling Silver Lotus Necklace, Multiple Colors
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    Meditating Buddha Statue in Rich Brown, 9.5 Inches
  • Abhaya Mudra Hand of Buddha Display, 17.5 Inches
  • Blue Agate Gemstone Decor for Balance
  • Indian Style Kurta, Women’s Lotus Floral Tunic
  • Healing Gemstone Quartz Crystal Jewelry
  • Bead Necklace with Tibetan Om Pendant, Nepal
  • Beaded Wall Hanging with Tibetan Symbols, Nepal
  • Infinite Knot Red Bead Pendant Necklace, Nepal
  • Hum Mantra Embossed Locket Pendant, Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver Sacred Geometry Yantra Pendant
  • Detailed Sterling Om Pendant with Auspicious Symbols
  • Lunar Cycle Hanging Moon Wall Art, USA
  • Chakra Lotuses Wooden Wall Art, USA
  • Aligned Chakras Hanging Wood Wall Art, USA
  • Hanging Chakras Wood Art Display, USA
  • Eco-Friendly 7 Chakras Aromatherapy Candle Set
  • Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Chakra Candle, 8 Inches
  • Gemstone Cairn and Lotus Petal Earrings, USA
  • Gemstone Cairn and Lotus Petal Necklace, USA
  • Sterling Silver Lotus Fan Necklace with Gold Fill, USA
  • Labradorite Gemstone Bookends Set
  • Healing Gemstone Crystals, Handheld Massage Wands
  • Intention Stones, Inspirational Gem and Bowl Set
  • Solid Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Sphere
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