Nirvana Zen Garden

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Nirvana Zen garden

Reclining Buddha statue on a cement base gives this Zen garden a sense of calm, peace and nirvana. Use the sand as a blank slate and be inspired to instill balance in your own life when you mediate and create designs in this garden’s sand. Moss, pebbles and bark creates a personal oasis for your practice. 

  • Oasis Zen Garden
  • Depicts Buddha in a reclining pose symbolizing Nirvana
  • Comes with sand, rake, pebbles, moss, and bark
  • Base measures approximately 12.25 X 8.5 X 4.5 inches
  • Base is made of cement

This item is made up of various elements, which of which may display slight variations in appearance, design and finish. No two zen gardens are identical.