Note to Self Handmade Glass Drop, USA

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Note to Self Handmade Glass Drop, USA

Is there a goal you have? A wish you want to come true? Jot down your wish or a few words of encouragement and keep them close by with this beautiful glass drop. Each one is designed to hold a tiny rolled up note. All you have to do is write down your message on the slip of paper. An inspirational quote or a simple “Yes I Can” will do! Or, transform the piece into a personalized gift! Write down a thank-you note or words of love and then offer it to someone special. 

Ornaments are hand-sculpted from molten glass in Providence, Rhode Island. No two pieces are exactly alike. Choose from three different colors: Cobalt, Plum, and Turquoise. Each piece measures about 2.5 inches high with a base that is about 2 inches in diameter.

  • Desk ornament design to hold note
  • Handmade from molten glass
  • Measures 2.5 inches high, 2 inches wide
  • Comes with five slips of paper
  • Available in three different colors

Mindfuel Factors
Artisan product
Made in the USA