Om Mantra Mala, Hand Painted Mother of Pearl

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Om Mantra Mala
  • Premium meditation mala
  • 108 brown mother of pearl beads (8 mm)
  • Hand painted Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra
  • Measures about 34 inches long
  • Made in Nepal


Meditation malas are used to relax and strengthen the mind and body; breathe deeply and move through the beads one-by-one as you repeat a prayer or mantra. 

This premium mala consists of 108 brown mother of pearl beads, each of which has been hand painted with the sacred Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, which translates to "hail the jewel in the lotus." Over time and continuous use, the painted symbols will fade, leaving you with a beautiful, bare brown mala as a symbol of impermanence and the beauty of the present moment.

Origins: Handmade in Nepal. Some natural variation in bead size and shape, including rough edges and superficial markings, may be apparent. Paint will fade!

Care and Use: This mala is carefully threaded and should be held in the hand for meditation only. Do not wrap around the wrist, as this may cause the mala to break over time. Not waterproof!