Om Wind Chime With Traditional Camel Bells

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Om Wind Chime

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Cast from iron and other traditional metals, this striking Om chime contains five jingling camel bells. Camel bells have been used in caravans throughout India to help the animals keep pace during a long journey. Lightweight and small, the bells produce a lovely, light tinkling sound. Crafted in Northern India, the chime is embellished with colorful beads.

  • Om wind chime with traditional camel bells
  • Made of traditional metals and synthetic beads
  • Chime measures 15 x 7 inches when hanging (overall)
  • Each bell is 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches 
  • Chime weighs approximately 10 oz
  • Handcrafted in Northern India 

This item is specially crafted by hand and may display variations in surface, design, finish and color. When placed outdoors, prolonged exposure to the elements will cause natural surface changes over time.