Osho Zen Tarot Card Set

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Osho Zen Tarot
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This OSHO Zen Tarot focuses on gaining an understanding of the here and now. It is a system based on the wisdom of Zen – a wisdom that says events in the outer world simply reflect our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves might be unclear about what those thoughts and feelings are.

  • Osho Zen Tarot set
  • Card deck plus instructional book
  • Deck contains 79 tarot cards 
  • Set measures 5 x 7.5 x 2 inches 
  • ISBN: 9780312117337
  • Nonreturnable

The images on the cards in this boxed set are thoroughly contemporary; medieval symbols have been discarded and replaced with modern paintings that even the inexperienced user will be able to relate to. The accompanying text comes from Osho’s talks on Zen, and helps the reader to understand that all the conditions and states of mind shown on the cards are essentially transitional – and if we can just take a look and see things as they are, that very seeing can transform them.