Premium Clear Quartz Point, Prominent Gemstone Tower

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Premium Clear Quartz Point, Prominent Gemstone Tower

Six sides, one amazing stone! Each of these towering points of crystal clear quartz is both a healing tool and stunning accent. Inspiring centerpieces for any space or altar, let yourself gaze into their interiors and admire their icy details. Ideal for meditators, healers, and gemstone lovers, clear quartz fits nicely with just about any gemstone collection. Regarded as a master healer, clear quartz directs, amplifies and focuses energy, making it excellent for working with other stones. Available in two sizes. Measurements are listed below. Please allow for variations in regards to exact shape and size.

Medium Point: 11 inches high, 4 inches wide, 2-2.5 inches deep. Weighs about 5.5 pounds.
Large Point: 12-14 inches high, 3-4.5 inches wide, 3 inches deep. Weighs about 7 pounds.

  • Prominent gemstone towers
  • Cut from premium clear quartz
  • Available in Medium or Large
  • Medium is 11 inches high
  • Large is 13-14 inches high
  • Exact measurements will vary

Due to the nature of gemstone, this item will feature natural variations and imperfections in color, surface, and overall appearance. Such characteristics enhance each specimen's unique beauty.