Premium Hand Carved Wood Meditating Buddha Statue

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Wood Bodhi Tree Buddha Statue

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Hand carved from a single piece of wood, this statue depicts one of the most cherished stories about the Buddha. As a young man, Buddha vowed to meditate until he found the answers to life. He took shelter under the branches of a Bodhi tree and it was there, after many days and nights, that he achieved enlightenment. Lightweight, this statue renders the Buddha with beautiful, artistic detail.

Due to its handcrafted nature, this piece may contain imperfections and natural variations in its surface and construction.

  • Hand carved Bodhi tree Buddha statue 
  • Made from natural wood 
  • Measures 10"  high  x 5" wide x 2.5" deep
  • Weighs approximately 1.5 to 2 lbs. 
  • Hand carved in India, minor natural imperfections/cracks may be present enhancing true artistic appeal

Please allow for variations in appearance, design and color. Such qualities are the results of its handcrafted construction and enhance the unique beauty of each piece.