Purifying Gemstone Smudge Kit

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Purifying Gemstone Smudge Bundle

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Smudging is like a quick bath for the soul, helping cleanse both your spirit and space of unwanted vibes and built-up exhaustion. This ritual smudging kit is carefully designed to clear away negative energy and invite positive vibrations into your life. Every bundle comes with a purifying Palo Santo stick, sage bundle, and selenite wand as well as a calming amethyst stone shard. Though each item will vary, all are conveniently travel-sized so you can take your healing toolkit on the road!

  • Gemstone smudge kit
  • Features sage and a Palo Santo stick
  • Also includes selenite and amethyst gemstone
  • Palo Santo and selenite are 2.5’’ long
  • Amethyst and sage are 3.5''-4’’ long
  • Exact size and measurements will vary

This item is made up of various components. Please allow for slight differences and variations in regards to color and overall appearance when assembled. No two bundles are alike.