Pyrite Gemstone Abalone Shell Accent

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Pyrite Gemstone Abalone Shell Accent

With its brassy color and natural sparkle, pyrite infuses your space with an invigorating energy! Pyrite is a stone of prosperity and abundance. It inspires the willpower you need to make things happen. This abalone shell’s pyrite stone sits on a bed of moss agate chips. A stone of wealth, moss agate inspires growth. 

Because of its organic nature, no two pyrite pieces will look the same. Stones are each about 2-3 inches wide, 1-2 inches high, and 1-2 inches deep. Abalone shell is about 5-6 inches wide and 4-5 inches deep.

  • Abalone shell and gemstone accent
  • Features pyrite stone and moss agate chips
  • Pyrite is 2-3 inches wide, 1-2 inches high
  • Shell is about 5-6 inches wide, 4-5 inches deep
  • Stones and shell will vary in size and appearance

Due to the organic nature of gemstone, this piece will display natural variations in color and overall appearance. Such details enhance the unique beauty of each piece and make yours one of a kind.