Articles & Readings

01. Spiritual Teachers

Current and Historic Spiritual Teachers

02. Spiritual Paths

He Is One, Yet Diverse Are The Paths
Leading To Him!

03. Teachings

Teachings from eclectic religions &

04. Concepts + Philosophies

Arrive at a deeper appreciation of every living moment

 05. Inspirations

Devoid of dogma, Buddhism relies greatly on parables to covey simple truths

 06. Symbols

Symbols representing the Buddhist view of life and its doctrines.

 07. Mantras + Prayers

Actively develop loving-kindness-compassion through meditation

 08. Rituals + Practice

Singing Bowls, Prayer Wheels, Prayer Flags. Simple practices with deep impressions

 09. Noteworthy

Noteworthy concepts in Buddhism

 10. Tibetan Buddhas

Commitment not to enter Nirvana until all beings are freed from Samsara

 11. Happy Buddha

Plump figure & benign countenance suggest contentment and plenitude

 12. Kuan Yin

One who hears the cries of the world and personifies the compassion

 13. Meditation + Yoga

All that we are is the result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts...

 14. Destinations

Places where the Buddha lived and taught and his reflections throughout centuries

 15. Zen

A radition outside the sutras, pointing directly to Man’s heart