Spiritual Paths


Meditation in Different Traditions

Meditation brings to mind traditional methods and iconography – yet at its heart, the practice is a personal exploration, a search for meaning undiluted by variation on... Read More


A to Z of Zen

“There is no need to have a deep understanding of Zen.”–Shunryu Suzuki Zen is deceptively simple–beneath each supposed paradox is a simple truth waiting to be... Read More


The Buddha is one, yet diverse are the paths leading to him!

Over the centuries, the many Buddhist sects that came into being either died out or were absorbed into three main streams – Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Divergent paths What... Read More


History of Tibetan Buddhism

Buddhism traveled into Tibet towards the end of the 8th century CE when its King, Trisong Detsen, invited two Buddhist masters from India. Shantarakshita from Nalanda (in...Read More


Schools of Tibetan Buddhism

Among the five schools of Tibetan Buddhism, the Nyingmapa sect was the first, founded by Padmasambhava, followed by Kagyupa (988-1069), headed by the Karmapa Lama and the Sakyapa... Read More


Philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism

The aim of all Buddhist sects is to end human suffering through attaining self-enlightenment. Tibetan Buddhism takes this further: all sentient beings are linked together in their... Read More


Fast Facts

Buddhism was founded in 520 BC. The Buddha was born and raised as a prince living in the lap of luxury at Kapilavastu in Nepal about 2500 years ago. His name was Prince Siddhartha...Read More


Buddhism Culture: Around the World

The estimate of the number of Buddhists in the world varies between 350 million and 1.5 billion. The disparity in figures is because of factors like the lack of exact figures for...Read More


The Evolution of Buddhism: From India to the Far East

While the Buddha was alive, Buddhism was an oral tradition and it was the predominant religion in India because it transcended the barriers of caste. However, although born in India,... Read More