What is Buddhacharita?

In the years after Gautama Buddha’s passing, the story of his life was handed down for generations through the oral tradition. The first written biography emerged in India... Read More


What is the Pali Canon in Buddhism?

The Pali Canon refers to the collected scriptures of Theravada Buddhism (pure land Buddhism), the oldest school of Buddhism founded in India that later spread to Sri Lanka... Read More


Who is Jizo in Buddhism?

Jizo is a bodhisattva in Japanese Mahayana Buddhism, originally known in Sanskrit as Ksitigarbha (‘Womb of the Earth’, ‘Earth’s Treasury’). He is worshipped... Read More


The Dalai Lama

On 6th July, 1935, a baby boy was born to a poor farmer in the tiny village of Taktser, Tibet. Growing up, little Lhamo Thondup would often sit astride a window sill and... Read More


The Lama

Lamas or teachers are senior monks (or nuns). Lay Tibetans can also become lamas.  Well-versed in the sacred texts, a lama must also possesses the requisite skills for... Read More