Buddhist Wisdom from Cats

Whether you own one (or more) cats or just appreciate them, our feline friends just might be among the greatest Buddhist teachers on the planet. Cats embody Buddhist qualities and principles in a natural, effortless way. The following are six examples of Buddhist wisdom from cats... Read More


10 Stages of Enlightenment

The Buddhist teaching of Zen Ox Herding, or “Taming the Ox," surveys the 10 stages of Enlightenment as it unfolds in a human life. In this teaching, the ox is a symbol for Enlightenment -- the goal of Buddhist studies. (It is believed that the ox symbol was chosen due to East Indians' reverence for cows, which are considered sacred.)... Read More


The Earth Touching Pose and What We Can Learn From It

Having a goal of raising your consciousness and becoming "Enlightened" is noble, but it can inevitably bring challenges in our daily lives. At times when you’re feeling triggered or swept away by thoughts and emotions, it can seem like you’ve made no progress at all... Read More


Applying the Six Buddhist Perfections (Paramitas) in Your Life

The six perfections (paramitas) in Buddhism are considered "invaluable qualities” that develop during a Buddhist practice. The literal translation of “paramita” is “gone to the other shore,” a reference to the transcendence of delusion and reconnection with Buddha mind as reality... Read More


Understanding "Emptiness" in Buddhist Teachings

While the traditional English definition of "emptiness" relates to nothingness, a void, or even an emotional lack, the Buddhist definition refers to an emptiness that has the potential to be anything.... Read More


The Flower Sermon

While the Buddha gave many spoken sermons after he became enlightened, during one sermon in particular he did nothing but hold up a flower... Read More


10 Quotes from Spiritual Traditions on Following the Path Within

The search for greater meaning in our lives is universal – shared by countless seekers and travelers for as long back as we collectively remember. And no matter what path... Read More


Origins of Love – Quotes from Spiritual Traditions

Beneath everything that separates the world from itself, love holds us firm to one another. Here are ten perception-changing quotes on the concept and practicality of love – taken... Read More


10 Thoughts on Human Connections and Spirituality

On our spiritual journey, friends and strangers intersect our path time and time again. Here are 10 thoughts from different teachers on how nurturing these human connections can... Read More


10 Thoughts on Spirituality

The search for deeper existence is a common in many of our lives. In our seeking, words of wisdom may help us navigate the journey within. Here are 10 insights on human... Read More


Awakening the Spirit

Many of us explore spirituality with the hope of discovering something meaningful about the nature of our existence. Through meditation practice and rituals, we may begin to... Read More


Principle Teaching of Buddhism

To understand the basic principles of Buddhism, it is not necessary to believe in heaven or hell or to chant mantras. The aim of the Buddha was simply to show mankind how to live...Read More


Cornerstone of Buddhism: The Four Noble Truths

Buddhism is a very practical religion that does not promote deification and theology. It is about straightforward and simple truths which, if followed in everyday life, can... Read More


The First Noble Truth

Buddhism is a very practical “religion” that does not promote deification and theology. It is about straightforward and simple truths which, if followed in... Read More


The Second Noble Truth

The Second Noble Truth concerns the causes of suffering. Suffering is generated by our mind; according to the Buddha, our main problems are delusional in nature – when we... Read More


The Third Noble Truth 

The First Noble Truth states that life is filled with suffering, while the Second Noble Truth identifies the causes of suffering – altogether, a gloomy outlook ! After... Read More


The Fourth Noble Truth

Having realized the truth of suffering (Dukkha) in life, its cause and cessation, the Buddha proceeded to explain the final Truth, his prescription to freedom from suffering... Read More


The Truth of Suffering in Buddhism

According to this instruction, every living being will go through suffering in life. Disease and death are inevitable and so is emotional pain. There is a belief in reincarnation... Read More


The Truth of the Cause of Suffering in Buddhism

Buddha believes that the origin of suffering is attachment. We try to find happiness in things that have a certain form and this leads to further suffering because things with a... Read More


The Truth of the End of Suffering:

This piece of wisdom says that we can put an end to suffering permanently by freeing ourselves from any kind of attachment and craving. We have to stop clinging to people, ideas and... Read More


The Truth of the Path That Frees Us from Suffering

Here, Buddha prescribes following an inner spiritual path that will show us the way out of suffering. Following the Eightfold Path will lead us to true happiness and liberation as... Read More


Jewels of Buddhism: The Eightfold Path

The teachings of Buddhism encourage people to follow a spiritual path that will lead them to the jewels of life – happiness, freedom and enlightenment. The Eightfold Path... Read More


The Moral Code of Buddhism: The Five Precepts

Buddhism is not just a religion, but also a discipline and a way of life that encourages people to follow certain guidelines to help them conquer suffering. Buddha’s teachings are about... Read More