Learning – the Zen way

There lived a Prime Minister of the TangDynasty, a leader celebrated for his statesmanship and militaryprowess. Rich and powerful though he was, he prided himself on being ahumble follower of the Buddha.

He’d often visit a Zen master tofurther his knowledge. They spent many fruitful hours together asrevered teacher and humble student and his position as Prime Ministerseemed of little consequence to either of them.

One day, the Prime Minister asked his teacher, “Master, what does the Buddha have to say about egotism?”

Themaster’s serene expression changed. His face reddening, he asked in aloud, mocking voice, “Now what sort of foolish query is that?”

Taken aback at the insulting tone, the Prime Minister fell silent, his face showing his anger and turmoil.

The Zen master smiled. “Now sir, you know what egotism is.”

A teacher is but a guide – the answers to all questions lie within us. Are we ready for them?