Seated Regal Copper-Tone Ganesh Statue on a Throne

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Copper Ganesh statue

Ganesh is known as the Remover of Obstacles and recognized by his elephant head and large, rotund belly. He is known for his kindness, benevolence and willingness to hear the pleas of his followers. He is often seen with a mouse at this feet. The mouse symbolizes ignorance and darkness, and also unfulfilled desires from previous births that drive us to actions in our present birth. Ganesha, who represents the power of intellect and the triumph of wisdom over folly, is evocative of the need to triumph over the mouse's base qualities within us. This statue is a rustic and detailed tribute to Ganesh. 

  • Copper tone Ganesh Statue
  • Made of metal alloy
  • Measures 18 inches tall x 11 inches wide
  • Weighs about 8 pounds
  • Made in India 

This item is handmade and may feature slight variations in color, details and overall appearance. No two statues are alike.