Set of 7 Chakra Incense Set

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Set of 7 Chakra Incense Set

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex, and it is used to describe the energy centers of the body. This set of seven incense blends represents the entire chakra system, with each blend invoking a different physical, mental or spiritual aspect of each specific chakra. Made of pure sandalwood powder, aromatic roots, resins, herbs and natural essential oils. Burning these incenses can help to balance and unite all of the chakras, leading to greater harmony, health and spiritual awakening. 

Chakras are as follows: 
Crown Chakra- Pure Being / Understanding
Third Eye Chakra- Perception / Imagination
Throat Chakra- Creativity / Resonance
Heart Chakra- Compassion / Forgiveness
Solar Plexus Chakra- Energy / Strength
Sacral Chakra- Creation / Sacred Life
Root Chakra- Health / Stability

  • Chakra incense set
  • Contains 7 chakra blends
  • Each blend has 10 incense wands
  • Set contains 70 incense wands total
  • Made in India

Please keep away from children and animals. Use care when burning.