Set of Three Copper Om Offering Bowls

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Meditation Offering Bowls

Copper bowls with brass Om reliefs are a lovely way to make an offering before meditation and worship. A practice seen across multiple spiritual traditions, making an offering allows you to put forth your intentions and symbolizes a break from material attachment. 

Small and stackable, these bowls are just right for personal practice. When not used for spiritual purposes, display them as décor or use for small storage.

  • Set of three offering bowls 
  • Embellished with Om reliefs and bead inlays
  • Made of copper with brass 
  • Largest bowl is 4x4x3 inches
  • Smallest bowl is 3x3x2 inches 
  • Weighs 12 oz. combined
  • Made in India 

This item is specially crafted by hand and may display variations in surface, design, finish and color.