Seven Chakras Engraved Pocket Stones

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Seven Chakras Engraved Pocket Stones

Chakras are energy centers of the body, and each one is responsible for certain physical, spiritual, and emotional functions. Focusing on and balancing our chakras can help realign them. This set of seven stones lets you meditate on whatever Chakra you feel needs work. Each stone is 1.375 inches wide and 0.25 inches thick, the perfect size to hold in your hand, keep in your pocket, or carry with you throughout the day. Stones come in a velvet satchel bag. See below for the names of the Chakras.

Crown Chakra (Violet) for Wisdom, Clarity, Self-Realization, Divine Connection
Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) for Sight, Pure Reality, Intuition, Insight
Throat Chakra (Light Blue) for Compassion, Listening, Communication
Heart Chakra (Green) for Gratitude, Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance
Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) for Self Esteem, Empowerment and Personal Power
Sacral Chakra (Orange) for Wellness, Sexuality, Creativity
Root Chakra (Red) for Survival, Confidence, Feeling Grounded

  • Chakra pocket stones
  • 7 engraved agate stones
  • Stones are 1.375 x 1.375 x 0.25 inches
  • Stone come with velvet satchel
  • Satchel is 4 x 3 inches

Stones are artistically created by nature where beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully. Please accept and appreciate imperfections and color variations which are true characteristic of these. No two stones are exactly alike and each one will boast its own unique appearance. 

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are invisible centers of subtle energy aligned on a central channel alongside the spine. Read more.