Seven Symbol Om Bell Chime, USA

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Seven Symbol Om Bell Chime, USA

Om is a sacred sound, a cosmic hum that was made when the universe was first created and resonates to this day inside all beings. Let the gentle ringing of this handcrafted bell chime awaken something inside as you calmly sit and listen to its music. Unlike traditional chimes, the bell produces a lovely light tinkling sound that falls softly on the ears. Chime's pieces are crafted from recycled materials and made in partnership with artisans in India. Chime is 29 inches long total, 1.5 inches wide, and about 1 inch deep.

This item is appropriate for the outdoors, however, the piece’s bell and chains will oxidize over time! While some treasure an antique look, those who to which to preserve this item as is may place it under a protective surface or simply hang it indoors.

  • Seven symbol Om chime with Indian bell 
  • Made of beads and metal 
  • Chime is 29 x 1.5 x 1 inches 
  • Measurements and color of beads may vary
  • Suitable for indoors/outdoors
  • Made in India

This item was constructed from a variety of reclaimed and handmade materials. Slight imperfections as well as variations in size, color and appearance enhance the handcrafted nature of the piece. When placed outdoors, prolonged exposure to the elements will cause natural surface changes over time.

Product Highlights
Artisan product
Crafted using eco-friendly materials