Smoky Quartz Crystal Energy Bracelets, Multiple Styles

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Smoky Quartz Crystal Energy Bracelets
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One stone, multiple styles. A veritable banisher of bad vibes, smoky quartz is a grounding stone that centers you when life feels unsteady-it's perfect to wear when you need a little balance. And now, there are versatile ways to wear it! Buddha Groove’s energy bracelets lets you pick a smoky quartz piece to match your personal taste. Both styles feature the stone's signature smoky hues. See below for details of each style.

Style A: Silver bar with faceted beads and sterling accent beads. 7.5 inches long.
Style B: Alternating stone and sterling beads. 7.5 inches long.

  • Crystal energy bracelets
  • Smoky quartz with sterling silver
  • Best for medium to large wrists
  • Multiple styles available
  • Bracelets are sold individually

Due to the nature of gemstone, this item may feature variations in gem color, surface details, and overall appearance. Such characteristics enhance the unique beauty of each piece.