Smudge Stick Variety Kit, Set of 6 Sacred Herbs

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Smudge Stick Variety Kit, Set of 6 Smudging Herbs

Curious about different smudging herbs? Want to branch beyond white sage? This variety set of six different smudge sticks is a great way to experiment with new materials and expand your healing practice. Every set includes one bundle each of Black Sage, Blue Sage, Shasta Sage, Copal, Pine, and Juniper. Try out each to leave your space smelling fresh and your spirits rejuvenated. All bundles are hand-tied in California. An abalone shell is included in each set. Shell measures about 5 inches wide and 4 inches long. Shells will vary in size and exact measurements. 

Blue Sage-Healing, strengthens the spirit
Black Sage-Protective and great for shaman work
Shasta Sage-Cleansing and purifying
Copal-Grounding, inspires divine connection
Pine-Strengthening, cleansing
Juniper-Use for protection and positivity

  • Smudging herb variety pack
  • Set of six different smudge sticks
  • Blue Sage, Black Sage, Shasta Sage
  • Also includes Copal, Pine, Juniper
  • One bundle of each herb
  • Comes with an abalone shell
  • Hand-tied in the USA

Due to the organic nature of plant matter, each item will feature natural variations in details and overall appearance.