Sparkling Buddha Globe Terrarium

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Buddha Terrarium

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A small Buddha statue finds sanctuary in the relaxing presence of a tiny air plant. Let his serene expression fill you with peace as you gaze into the miniature world of the terrarium. As the Buddha sits, you’ll notice the terrarium’s smooth pebbles and sparkling peach and clear colored acrylic crystals beautifully compliment the color of his finish.

The dome is flattened on the bottom and may be placed on any sturdy surface when not suspended by its jute cord. See below for plant care.

  • Hanging globe terrarium with air plant
  • Globe is made of glass, Buddha statue is made of resin
  • Comes with pebbles, acrylic accent beads and a Buddha statue
  • Dome is 5.5 inches wide, 6 inches tall
  • Terrariums are nonreturnable

Plant Care: Upon receiving, unwrap your air plant and soak in a bowl of water for 20 to 30 minutes. Allow to dry, then place behind the statue. Keep terrarium near bright, filtered light, not direct sunlight. Repeat the process above 1x per week, always allowing the air plant to dry before placing it back in the terrarium. If atmosphere is particularly dry, feel free to occasionally mist the plant in addition to soaking once a week.