Sparkling Pyrite Gemstone Pyramid

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Sparkling Pyrite Gemstone Pyramid

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Originally known as Fool’s Gold, Pyrite is a stone of prosperity and willpower. Dazzling with a natural brassy color, our Pyrite gemstone pyramid invites a surge of invigorating, lucky energy into your surroundings, opening you up to abundance and increasing your personal power. An especially good tool for wealth and business endeavors, put it in a workspace to channel focused vibrations towards all your professional pursuits. Cut and polished in Peru, no two pieces are the same: each is one of a kind and will vary in size and appearance.

  • Sparkling pyrite gemstone pyramid
  • Natural brassy exterior, dazzling crystal notches
  • Measures 2.5’’H x 2’’W x 2’’D
  • Each individual piece is unique
  • Mined and cut in Peru

Due to the nature of gemstone, each piece will vary in regards to color, surface details, and overall appearance.