Sterling Silver Spinning Meditation Ring

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Meditation Ring

These striking silver and brass meditation rings are inspired by the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels; when spun they harmonize the environment, enhancing compassion and encouraging a peaceful state of mind. Each meditation ring consists of a sterling silver Florentine-style base ring and a spinning brass band with the inscription: “One moment at a time.” Simply spin the inscribed brass band, sending your intentions into the universe. The outer band does not move freely, but is met slight resistance so that you may count or recite a chosen mantra with each purposeful rotation.  

  • Spinning meditation ring
  • Made of sterling silver base ring with brass spinner ring
  • Inscription: “One moment at a time”
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Handmade in Canada

Handmade in Canada: some slight variation in size or color may be apparent, adding to the artistic identity of each item. Intended for delicate use.