Stone Finish Statue of Buddha in Meditation, 6.5 Inches

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Meditating Buddha

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This stone finish statue depicts the Buddha in meditation in a dhyana mudra, seated on a lotus. It is said the Buddha meditated under a Bodhi tree, determined to find an answer as to why we suffered and what the purpose of life was. Though Buddha was tempted, he remained steadfast. An inspiration for a spiritual quest or a motivation to meditate, this Buddha statue in stone colored finish is made of bonded stone. Measures 6.5" tall, 4" wide and 4" deep. 

  • Buddha Meditation statue
  • Depicts Buddha in the Dhyana Mudra
  • Made of bonded stone
  • Measures 6.5 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weighs between 1 and 2 lbs.

Dhyana Mudra: In this mudra is displayed with both thumb tips touching each other, forming a triangle. This figure represents the Three Jewels of Buddhism – the Buddha, the Sangha and the Good Law (Dharma). The coming together of the thumb tips also indicates the union of two psychic channels in the body, as represented by the male and female principles that exist in every sentient being.

This item may feature slight variations in overall design, appearance, and color. Such traits are characteristic of the piece's artistic make.