Stress Escape Gourmet Tea Set, Pack of Two Zen Teas

Stress Less Gourmet Tea Set, Pack of Two Zen Teas

Tea isn’t just good for you. The actual ritual of brewing and sipping tea allows you to slow down, sit, and simply be in the present. Two delicious gourmet teas are the perfect ingredients for brewing up a moment of quiet mindfulness. Just add hot water! This pack includes two canisters of loose leaf tea; “Be Calm” (lemon and rooibos tea) and “Stress Escape” (green citrus tea). Just drink slowly, feel the tea’s steam on your face, and breathe in its aromas. Aaaah.

Canisters are 20g to 25g. Canisters each measure 2.75 x 3 x 3 inches.

  • Gourmet tea set
  • Set of two sealed canisters of loose leaf tea
  • Flavors are citrus green and lemon rooibos
  • Canisters are 20 to 25 g each
  • Canisters each measure 2.75'' high, 3'' wide, 3'' deep