Symbolic Peacock Pendant, Sterling Silver

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Compassion and Purity Peacock Pendant, Sterling Silver
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Peacocks are wondrous birds, famous for their massive tail feathers that majestically fan out. But more than that, they are highly symbolic. Peacocks have been associated with Kuan Yin and the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Both are revered for their benevolence, compassion. and goodwill. In Buddhism, peacocks represent immortality and triumph over suffering because they are able to eat poisonous plants without perishing. The peacock feather is also considered a symbol of purity and is used in Buddhist ceremonies. Treasure this beautiful bird with this detailed sterling silver pendant. Piece measures 1 inch across and 1.375 inches long (bail included in measurements). Made in Thailand.

  • Symbolic peacock pendant
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Sterling silver is rhodium plated
  • Measures 1 x 1.375 inches
  • Made in Thailand.

This item may feature slight variations in details, design elements, and overall appearance.