Temple Zafu Meditation Cushion in Brocade

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Brocade Zafu Cushions

Your personal space for meditation feels as sacred to you as any ancient temple or secluded monastery. Make it splendid with a brocade zafu cushion woven with traditional motifs and available in three radiant shades.  With the cushion’s firm shape and buckwheat filling, your spine and pelvis are properly supported for long periods of sitting. This cushion comes in cyan blue, marigold orange, and cream.

  • Brocade zafu cushion made exclusively by Buddha Groove
  • Measures about 16 inches across, 5 inches high
  • Weighs approximately 7-8 pounds
  • Comes with a separate insert stuffed with buckwheat hulls harvested in the USA
  • Cover designed with handle for easy carrying
  • Cushion cover is made in India   

This item is handcrafted. Variations in designs and colors are due to the handcrafted construction, making each piece unique and individual.