Two-Sided Mandala Pendant, Orange and Red (USA)

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Two-Sided Mandala Pendant, Orange and Red (USA)
  • Made of glass and metal
  • Multicolored: orange, green, yellow, red and blue
  • Archival print mandala image
  • Image behind glass
  • Silver-plated fixture
  • Pendant measures 1 inch in diameter
  • Comes with a complimentary 24 inch ball chain
  • Handmade in the USA



A mandala (in Sanskrit,'manda' = core, quintessence 'la' = container) is typically a square or circular chart with geometric designs. It symbolizes the cosmos and everything within. Mandalas exist everywhere in nature, from a snowflake to a snail's shell and even the solar system. Tibetan Buddhism elevated mandalas to an exquisite art form and means of ritual worship in which monks create intricate mandalas of colored sand and then destroy them; signifying the transience of all life. In the center of this particular mandala is an image of White Tara, the deity known for her boundless compassion and maternal qualities.

Handmade: No two pieces are exactly alike. Slight variations in color, shape and design may be present. This contributes to the unique quality of each individual item.