Wooden Buddha Wall Hanging, Hand Carved

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Buddha Wall Hanging

These wall hangings are individually made by artists in Bali, Indonesia, with unique organic finish and natural variation in wood grain and color – making each item one of a kind.

  • Buddha wall hanging hand carved out of Suar wood
  • Buddha wall hanging measures 20 (h) X 15 (w) inches
  • With dark wood tone finish, this wall hanging depicts a  Buddha in Vitarka Mudra
  • Handmade in Indonesia: minor imperfections enhance artistic character

The Buddha’s hand, held close to his heart with thumb and forefinger tips touching symbolizes the transmission of the knowledge he has gained after attaining enlightenment. Another name for this gesture is Vyakhyana Mudra or the “mudra of instruction”. The circle formed by the fingers touching each other signifies perfection, with no beginning or end, like the law of Dharma itself.