Yume-No-Yume Japanese Incense Set, Bamboo Leaf

Yume-No-Yume Japanese Incense Set, Bamboo Leaf

The Yume-no-Yume (translated as “Dream of Dreams”) set combines Japanese incense with beautiful Japanese art design. The incense has a subtle, yet full-bodied scent and is especially created to evoke pleasant dreams and remind us of long forgotten memories. This set includes one package of Bamboo Leaf (Sweet Green Tea) incense and one Bamboo Leaf painted incense holder. This set is a unique gift that has traditional design, modern shape and fragrant incense all in one.

  • Yume-No-Yume Bamboo Leaf Incense Gift Set 
  • Includes 12 incense sticks and a ceramic holder
  • Set is 7 by 6 inches, holder is 3 by 3 inches 
  • Made in Japan