Zen Teachings



Zen teachings are so deceptively easy, that the novice is likely to wonder what the fuss is all about! Indeed the most fascinating aspect of this “wordless tradition” is its extraordinary purity of concept, a deep simplicity that immediately appeals. No traditions or rituals associated with other branches of Buddhism. So what does Zen have to offer us?

What if you had a toolkit for living – a torch to help you see through darkness, a trusty sword to slash through jungles of illusion, fear and negativity, a soothing balm to heal the cuts and wounds of hate and bitterness? That, in essence, is Zen.

Buddhism’s core belief is that all sentient beings are born enlightened, a state of perfection that gradually recedes as one journeys through life, believing that failure, sorrow and pain are our lot. Zen’s answer to this:

Suffering is rooted in your own mind. It does not have to be so.

All Zen teachings flow from this basic principle.