Bodhi Leaf Buddha Statue

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Bodhi leaf

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  • Buddha serene statue with turquoise finish
  • Depicts Buddha and giant Bodhi leaf, symbol of enlightenment
  • Made of resin with antique turquoise finish
  • Measures 6 x 4 x 1 inches, weighs about 0.375 pounds
  • Made in Nepal, minor variation in finish enhances artistic appeal

The giant leaf behind Buddha symbolizes the ancient Bodhi fig tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment through meditation. He is seated in the lotus position of purity and wisdom with hands cupped together in the Dhyana mudra (sacred gesture) of inner balance. Great for bringing calm and serenity to your surroundings, this antique-turquoise finish statue also includes wall hook for optional hanging. Made in Nepal – minor variation in finish may be apparent between items, enhancing artistic character of each statue.