Eight Auspicious Symbols Adjustable Bracelet, Nepal

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Tibetan Bracelet

Suspended between solid black cord are metal discs inscribed with one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The symbols include The Golden Fish, The Parasol, The Urn, The Lotus Flower, The Conch Shell, The Infinite Knot, The Wheel, and The Flag. On the reverse side of the discs there is an image of the double Vajra, a spiritual tool associated with compassion and protection.

  • Black cord bracelet with auspicious symbols
  • Discs made of white metal
  • Discs are approximately .375” x .375” each
  • Adjustable pull cord fits most wrists
  • Handmade in Nepal

This item may contain variations and slight imperfections in surface, finish, appearance and color. Due to handmade nature the engraving may appear slightly washed out on some spots. Please do not wear the bracelet in water as the engraving may fade faster.