Fair Trade Ayurvedic Soap

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Rose Soap

These all-natural soap bars blend healing herbs with exotic fragrances for a truly rejuvenating cleanse. Each is crafted in India’s “City of Newabs”, where fair trade artisans use ancient Ayurvedic techniques and a gentle vegetable base that refreshes skin without drying out its natural moisture. Doubling as a beautiful display for your sink or vanity, every bar comes individually wrapped in handmade block-print recycled fabric. The fabric print may vary. 

Soaps are as follows: 

Lavender Lemon with neem and basil: Soothing lavender relaxes the mind while lemon uplifts mood and spirit with its naturally brightening zest. 

Rose Water with sandalwood: A gentle elixir, relaxing rose water eases blemishes and irritations while sandalwood grounds the spirit with its woody aroma.

Turmeric with sandalwood: Golden turmeric heals and brightens skin while sandalwood’s rich aroma grounds the spirit for overall wellbeing.

Jasmine with aloe vera: Extracted from flowers, Jasmine reduces stress with its sweet scent while aloe vera calms angry, irritated skin.

  • Fair trade Ayurvedic soap
  • Available in four fragrant blends
  • Crafted from medicinal herbs and natural ingredients
  • Soaps are each 3’’L x 2’’W x 1.25’’H
  • Cruelty-free, detergent-free, phosphate-free
  • Wrapped in upcycled block-print fabric
  • Fabric color and print will vary
  • Nonreturnable