Fragrant Chakra Vetiver Root Sachets, Set of 7

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Chakra sachets

Scented chakra inspired aromatherapy sachets are the perfect pick-me-up for the drawer, suitcase or bedside. Each is lovingly made from 100% cotton. With a mild aroma of Balinese flowers and spices intertwined with the goodness of vetiver roots, these sachets fill your home with good vibes and great fragrance. Sold as a set of 7, one representing each Chakra.

  • Vetiver sachets with a colorful prints
  • Warm fragrance of  Balinese flowers and vetiver roots
  • Available in a pack of 7, each measures 4" x 4"
  • Each sachet lists corresponding Chakra associations on a linen patch
  • Repels insects and has healing properties
  • Made in Bali