Meditation + Yoga


The History, Purpose, and Value of Meditation Mala Beads

Is meditation a struggle or a challenge for you? Do you have trouble focusing, concentrating, stilling your “monkey mind,” or staying the present moment? Mala beads can help... Read More


The Top 5 Benefits of a Desktop Zen Garden

Miniature Zen gardens may incorporate sand, smooth stones, gravel, greenery and figurines to create an inspiring setting. Swirling patterns in the sand, mindfully placed stones, natural greenery in terrariums, and small Buddha statues can all enhance their effect. The following are some of the top benefits of having desktop Zen garden... Read More


5 Steps for Getting Started with Zazen Meditation

Zazen is at the heart of Zen Buddhist practice and is an excellent way to get started with meditation. The word zazen literally means "seated meditation" and is the primary practice of Zen. The goal is to reconnect with the core nature of existence and our true selves as Buddha nature... Read More


Connecting with the Self Through Sound

Sound is an important function in any spiritual practice, starting with the most ancient ones to current day. Singing, chanting and toning have all been a part of connecting with the spiritual world for groups and individuals... Read More


Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation

Mindfulness of Breathing is a widely practiced meditation designed to cultivate a fuller awareness of the present moment. By focusing intently on each breath or cycle of... Read More


What Is Loving Kindness Meditation?

Introduction Loving Kindness Meditation is a form of meditation based on mantras and exercises that promote healthy feelings of love towards oneself and the universe in general.... Read More


The History and Origin of Meditation

Meditation helps heal the mind, balance the body, and restore the spirit – all wonderful pathways of finding peace in modern life. Meditation practice, however, goes back... Read More


Unique Meditation Exercises

“Meditation means I have to sit still, shut my eyes, and breathe in complete silence… right?” Silence and deep breathing are essential to many meditation traditions, but that... Read More


Mindful Breathing Meditation

Number of breaths we take   You’re doing it right now- breathing, that is. In fact, by the time you finish this article, you’ll have already taken about 10-15 breaths (if... Read More


A to Z of Meditation

Meditation is a practice that restores our health, energy and overall sense of wellness. It has been shown to improve our emotional connections with those around us and it... Read More


6 Physical Benefits of Meditation

There is nothing like meditation for calming the mind and nurturing the human spirit. Consistent practice increases our powers of awareness, improves our intellectual... Read More


Pranas and Upapranas

The Vedic texts state that all living entities are sustained by the life-giving force called Prana. The concept plays a central role in ayurveda and yoga and their holistic... Read More


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga originated in the 15th century, and is credited to the Indian sage, Swami Swatmarama. Literally, ‘Ha’ means ‘sun’ and ‘tha’ means ‘moon’. It also refers... Read More


Meditation 101

You’ve likely seen meditation portrayed in movies and television as people sitting cross-legged with their heads down in silence. But what exactly are they really doing? Is... Read More


Meditation and Mindfulness

The simple precepts of meditation and mindfulness are the essence of the Buddha-nature that lives in everyone – but how do you peel away the layers that envelop the Buddha... Read More


The Joy of Repetition - Sound as Meditation

Prince once sang “There’s joy in repetition, there’s joy in repetition.” Though in pop song format, his lyrics could be taken to reflect an ancient idea: the repetition of sound can help to take us to a meditative, blissful state of mind. Read More


Meditating with the Ocean

At the beach, the boundaries between sand, sea and sky become blurred. It can be hard to tell exactly where one ends and another begins.  Read More


TONGLEN MEDITATION: Compassion for Yourself and the World Around You

The practice of Tonglen meditation is from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It is primarily a method for overcoming the fear of suffering—yours or someone else’s—and increasing compassion. Read More


Practical Enlightenment 101

Enlightened may not actually be a final destination, but a step on the road to higher and higher states of consciousness for humanity Read More


The Benefits of Walking Meditation

Walking meditation also called kinhin, is a powerful way to put mindfulness into action and learn to integrate it into daily life Read More