Premium Labradorite Gemstone Mala, Knotted

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Premium Labradorite Gemstone Mala
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This hand-knotted meditation mala is made of 108 premium labradorite beads. Labradorite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, helping you strengthen your intuition and expand your spiritual consciousness. Labradorite is a beautiful stone and shimmers with a natural iridescence known as labradorescence. This mala's high grade beads have a particularly prominent labradorescence, making them extra luminous! Beads measure 8 mm each. Handmade in India.

  • Premium knotted gemstone mala
  • High-grade labradorite gemstone
  • 108 gemstone beads, additional guru bead
  • Beads measures about 8mm each
  • Made in India

Due to the nature of real gemstone, each mala will feature natural variations in color, bead details, and overall appearance.