Be Here Now Seven Circles Design Bamboo Meditation Labyrinth

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Meditation Labyrinth
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In a maze you lose yourself, in a labyrinth you find yourself. Traveling the path of a labyrinth can steady your thoughts and assist in being in the present moment. Simply follow its path with any pen in the off setting or the back of the pen (stylus pen included) and pay attention to your thoughts as you proceed through its twists and turns.

This bamboo labyrinth is just the right size to keep on a desk or tabletop. Be here now inspiration invites you on your meditative session with the seven circle design labyrinth.

  • Bamboo Labyrinth base
  • Measures 6 by 8 inches 
  • Depicts seven circle labyrinth
  • Be here now inspiration
  • Comes with a bamboo stylus pen
  • Clean with a damp cloth

This product is made of bamboo. Natural textures and imperfections may be present as they speak to the item’s hand crafted origins. The labyrinth tones may vary from subtle to dark depending on each piece. You can use the stylus side of the pen or the back of the pen to vary the glide.